Each artwork references to another NFT

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While diving deeper into tokenized Art I had the idea to switch sides and issue psychedelic artworks myself. I decided to create NFTs from altered photos that I record on my journey through different worlds. The technical component of this project explores aspects of NFT interoperability: Each artwork references to an NFT that I own or have owned along the ride - Just click the starred project names below to inspect those. It's still an early experiment but has worked quite well so far.

The Lost Journal

  • 27 editions
  • 0.1337 ETH
  • ENS

The undead mage Blinkor fought epic battles on his journey through Azeroth. He had recorded these tales and exclusively stored the secret location of his journal inside this limited artwork.

Casa Bonita

  • 27 editions
  • 0.05 ETH
  • POAP

My first Kickback event the day after ETHDenver 2019. Missed my flight to NFT.NYC because of this very special lunch with friends.

Hong Kong Conference

  • 3 editions
  • 0.33 ETH
  • POAP

The NIFTY conference in July 2018 was entirely dedicated to NFTs. Many of these early ideas and visions have been turned into reality.